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"Tony was, by far, the best Quest leader we have had yet..."

- Catherine Moore (and Marylin Moore) (Regina, Saskatchewan) in a message to Quest Nature Tours' referring to the "Antarctic Circle Voyage" cruise, January 2011.

"We were fortunate indeed that Tony Beck was leading a Quest group on the 15-27 January Antarctic Circle cruise aboard M/V Marina Svetaeva. Seldom in our travels have we met in a professional guide such a combination of expertise and generosity in sharing that knowledge."

- Paul Blakeburn and Linda Bogiages (Gulf Breeze, Florida) in a letter to Quest Nature Tours' referring to the "Antarctic Circle Voyage" cruise, January 2011.

"Tony Beck is one of the best leaders of nature tours that I have met in over thirty years of participating in such trips."

- Neil Bourne (Nanaimo, BC) in a letter to Quest Nature Tours' "Magdalen Islands & PEI" tour, June 2008.

"I think Tony would win a Gold medal in any birdwatching Olympic Games - his entertaining and considerate guiding made my trip to Canada a great success."

- Michael Szabo, Communications Manager, BirdLife International (U.K.), referring to the Algonquin Park post conference tour, June 2003

"Over the past year I have been birding the Ottawa area with Tony Beck as a member of his Birding Club. It has been a life altering blast! I never knew there were so many species of birds to be found and enjoyed in the Greater Ottawa area, and Tony makes learning about them fun."

- Heather Pickard (Ottawa) July 2007, referring to "Club Membership", part of Tony's Local Birding Excursions.

"You work so hard to make sure the trip works well for everyone. I have been on tours where 2 or 3 people do the job you did alone in Arizona. And I really appreciate your special skill as a leader. It is something about the way you engage with the world around you and communicate that to other people, and the energy you bring to it. You help people really see the world around them."

- Sue Walsh (UK), in a message referring to the Arizona Tour, August 2006, with Avian Adventures.

"Tony is as enthusiastic as a boy with his first pair of binoculars, as knowledgeable as the biggest encyclopedia on Eastern/Maritime birds, as patient as a saint, as calm as a summer day, as unhurried as the gentle opening of wildflowers, as caring and considerate as a big brother. With all these good attributes he never lost track of where we were in relation to where we had to be to meet our schedules."

- Dorothy Williams (Victoria, BC), in a message to Quest Nature Tours referring to the Magdalen Islands and Prince Edward Island Tour, June 2007.

"...Tony Beck was better than advertised! His keen eyes and ears coupled with a truly amazing ability to recognize hundreds of birds from tiny far-off glimpses (or only by their voices) let us experience the fauna of Costa Rica in an intensive (though paradoxically relaxed) way that would have been impossible had we attempted this on our own. An added bonus was Tony's affable nature and desire to help, whether in the identification of an odd insect on the forest floor or in some technical question regarding photographic technique. We can't wait to do another!"

- Mark Lerman and Pamela Mainardi (USA), in a message to Quest Nature Tours referring to the Costa Rica Tour, February 2007.

"We had a wonderful time, in large part due to Tony's leadership. Not only is he an excellent birder/photographer, but he has a boundless store of infectious enthusiasm. Tony has great people skills, and this was invaluable when dealing with the variable needs of the tour members. The fact that my husband Ian (who is definitely not a morning person), was up every morning at six A.M. to meet for the optional bird walk, speaks volumes about Tony's ability to inspire."

- Lise Hammond (Ottawa), in a message to Quest Nature Tours referring to the Costa Rica Tour, February 2007.

"...Tony Beck certainly made the trip special... (He) always placed pressure on himself to ensure that we all enjoyed ourselves and saw as many of the natural wonders as possible... He set the tone for the trip, and early on we were laughing and teasing each other - all the while learning new things and fulfilling our expectations."

- Doris Potter (Montreal, Quebec), in a message to Quest Nature Tours referring to the Costa Rica Tour, February 2007.

"Tony's appreciation of nature is inspiring - no creature, whether bird or insect or amphibian, is too insignificant to take notice of. In addition, his wealth of knowledge and willingness to talk about his experiences and make every outing a learning experience, as he is willing to answer any questions we throw at him. His enthusiasm and sense of humor ensure that no outing is ever dull."

- Gillian Mastromatteo (Ottawa), from her on-line journal referring to the Gatineau Park half-day excursion on August 4th, 2007.

"(Tony's) accurate hearing, keen vision and profound knowledge gave the Avian Adventures Group nearly 200 species of birds, and a memorable holiday in Ontario."

- Gerry Griffiths, Senior Partner of Avian Adventures (U.K.), in a note referring to the Southern Ontario tour, May 2000.

"I was greatly impressed not only with your knowledge of the birds of the area, but with your patience with everyone, to make certain that we saw what we were looking at, and insuring that we could identify it if we saw it again."

- Neil Bourne (Nanaimo, BC) in a letter referring to Quest Nature Tours' "In Search Of Whoopers - Prairie Waterfowl and Wader Spectacular" tour, Fall 2005.

"Tony Beck was the perfect (tour) guide. He thinks in advance, is never taken by surprise, and is the most charming travel companion."

- Monique Leon (Montreal, Quebec) in a note to Quest Nature Tours referring to the "In Search Of Whoopers - Prairie Waterfowl and Wader Spectacular" tour, September 2004.

"You were just amazing to be with in Costa Rica - so caring, and so knowledgeable and generous with it, and so much fun."

- Marianne Gorman, Freelance Tour Director (Ireland), in a message referring to Quest's Costa Rica tour, February 2006.

". . . Tony is the best (tour) leader we have ever come across."

- A. and K. Felton (U.K.) in a letter to Nature Travel Holidays referring to the Southern Ontario tour, May 2000.

"We were all impressed with (Tony). His bubbly, enthusiastic, passionate love for birds and 'all creatures great and small' was so infectious that even non-birders developed an interest in them. He went beyond his call of duty... He didn't wear his heart on his sleeve, but treated everyone equally with his subtle sense of humour. Besides his knowledge and skills, his affinity to wildflife was reflected in his gentle handling of butterflies and frogs."

- Nella Schmidt (Winnipeg, Manitoba) in a message to Quest Nature Tours referring to the Costa Rica tour, February 2005.

"Tony's knowlege of his countryside and birds is second to none, and his command of the bird song, his ability to imitate, is incredible."

- B.P. Hants (U.K.) referring to The Travelling Naturalists' Southern Ontario tour, May 2001.

"I have been out with many experts, but Tony's spotting ability and identification skill are the best I have ever encountered."

- Ian Flann (Ottawa) in a letter to Nature Travel Holidays referring to the Coastal Texas tour, April 1999.

"Your presentation last night was a BIG hit with CCO (Camera Club of Ottawa) members...We can only dream of such shots"

- Christel Paulun , Programs Co-ordinator, Camera Club of Ottawa, in a letter referring to the "Winter Wildlife" presentation, October 26/2004.

"Your enthusiasm and down-to-earth approach makes it easy to understand why you are so popular with photographers and nature enthusiasts."

- Camera Club of Ottawa, in a letter referring to a slide presentation, February 14/1995.

"Walking with Tony was an amazing experience."

- Environment Forum by Katharine Fletcher: Pontiac Equity (Shawville, Quebec).

"That was a great talk yesterday! As with your previous talks, I really appreciated the thematic succession... Thanks for setting such a high standard!"

- Justin Peter, Interpretive Naturalist / Conservation Specialist, Gatineau Park, in a message referring to the "Special Wild Places" presentation, April 19/2005 (part of the 20th National Capital Region Wildlife Festival activities - Ottawa).

"...Wow! You did a wonderful job combining skill, artistry (&) emotion that few can match..."

- RA Photo Club (Ottawa), in a letter referring to a slide presentation, November 3/1992.

"From the enthusiasm of the children and adults alike . . . you were a hit"

- Meadowlands Public School (Ottawa) referring to the "Wildlife of Ottawa" slide presentation, March 25,1994.

"With Mr. Beck's knowledge, and his ability to apply this knowledge to the practical situation, coupled with his obvious enthusiasm, it would be difficult to rate this course other than A1"

- Anonymous, (Ottawa) in a course evaluation for "Introduction to Birding" MacSkimming Centre, Spring 2002.

"Your lessons are really helping me see things differently, thanks Tony."

- Garril Smith (Ottawa), referring to Tony's Nature Photography Workshop, Summer/Fall, 2002.