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"ANTARCTIC CIRCLE VOYAGE" - Cruise (Worldwide Quest/One Ocean Expeditions)

2012: TBA

In Antarctica, the unconquerable continent, we'll experience the majesty of nature as found nowhere else on Earth. From our ship's unlimited vantage points, we'll witness a never-ending procession of sculpted icebergs and awe-inspiring glaciers that have grown for centuries.
We'll experience the thrill of treading where few have gone before as we land our versatile Zodiacs on remote shores and hear the chorus of a thousand penguins. We will see the whales, seals and seabirds that congregate in the food-rich waters along the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic shores. As our Quest expedition group sails in the wake of renowned explorers, the vastness and natural splendour of this great white continent will mesmerize us.

Cost: $ TBA USF and up (from Ushuia)

"ANTARCTIC PENINSULA ADVENTURE" - Cruise (Worldwide Quest/One Ocean Expeditions)

2012: January 27 to February 6

After spending 10-nights on board our vessel exploring this wonderful part of the world, we are certain you will leave Antarctica with a completely different perspective than when you arrived. After all, it would be impossible to feel quite the same after gazing upon an unimaginable profusion of penguins tobogganing and waddling their way across the snow or watching a whale crest the waves in close proximity. Then there is the awe you will feel when you first glimpse the sweeping ice sheet that spans an entire continent. Antarctica gets under your skin unlike any other place on earth.

Cost: starting at $ 6590 USF and up (from Ushuia)


2012: TBA

If you make the journey to the bottom of the world you may as well stay awhile. On this far-reaching expedition to the islands of the South Atlantic Ocean and the Antarctic mainland, you will revel in 19 awe-inspiring days of exploration. Busybody penguins in rookeries by the thousands, behemoth icebergs reflecting startling greens and blues, humpback whales feeding on krill, albatross, shearwaters and storm-petrels following our ship, and, of course, the continent-sized sweeping ice sheet of Antarctica. Photo opportunites will be endless.

Cost: $ TBA USF and up (from Ushuia)

"COSTA RICA - Photography & Birding Adventure" (Independent)

2012: March 6 - March 19 (two weeks)

Experience the great diversity of Costa Rica while learning to capture its beauty with a digital camera. This tour is a comfortable, relaxed, yet exhillarating adventure into the neotropics. Our objective is to observe wildlife, while taking the time to photograph some of its more accomodating creatures. We'll cover several habitats including the highlands, stronghold of the Resplendent Quetzal, and the central Pacific Coast, home of the Scarlet Macaw. We'll search for as many birds as possible, taking advantage of wildlife photo opportunities as they present themselves. On a few select evenings, we'll have critiques, and photo instructions. CONTACT TONY FOR DETAILS.

Cost: $ 3998 USF, (from San Jose)

"POINT PELEE - Peak Spring Bird Migration" (RoadScholar)

2012: May 7 to May 12

Point Pelee is an internationally famous birding hotspot where thousands of migratory songbirds find refuge in the parkÝs many habitats. Watch and listen for Scarlet Tanager, Indigo Bunting and a variety of Wood-Warblers in brilliant breeding plumage. We'll observe Bald Eagle, Red-headed Woodpecker, Sandhill Crane, with a chance for potentially rare species like Kirtland's Warbler and Mississippi Kite. With an expert birder and photographer, study the plumage, voices and behaviors that distinguish one species from the next, and get close-up views of creatures rarely seen away from their breeding grounds.

Cost: $ 1361 USF (from Windsor)

"NEWFOUNDLAND, LABRADOR and BAFFIN ISLAND - Onward from Coast to Coast" Custom Cruise for Canadian University Alumni Community (Worldwide Quest)

2012: July 10 to July 23

In 2012, the Canadian University Alumni community continues its exploration of what defines us as Canadians. Following our expedition to the Northwest Passage in summer 2011, we travel to our eastern and north-eastern coast in the summer of 2012 to discover another unique facet of our Canadian experience - The Northeastern Arctic.

Cost: $TBA, (from St. John's)

"THE GREAT CANYON LANDS OF THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST - Magnificent Monuments" (Worldwide Quest)

2012: September 13 - September 24

Autumn is the perfect time to visit the spectacular canyons, mesas and mountains of the starkly beautiful "Four Corners" region of the Southwest United States. Cooler temperatures and fewer visitors leave us free to look for the resident and migrating birds of the region, including Black-throated Gray, Audubon's and Lucy's Warblers, Spotted and Green-tailed Towhees, Juniper Titmouse, Lark and Brewer's Sparrows, Stellar's Jay and a fine variety of woodpeckers and raptors. Among the mammals we expect to see are Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel and Black-tailed Jackrabbit.
The bold earth tones, rich vegetation and dramatic rock formations create endless photo opportunities as we travel through the impressive national and tribal parks of the Southwest, including Grand Canyon, Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, Painted Desert and Canyon de Chelly. You will be amazed at the complexity of the landscape, where huge mesas overlook cactus-strewn deserts, magnificent canyons wind their way through the arid wilderness, and jagged mountains lay bathed in rich hues of purple and pink. Elaborate prehistoric Anasazi cliff dwellings, golden-leaved cottonwoods and tall Ponderosa pines will also pique your photographic senses.

Cost: $ 3395 USF, (from Alburquerque)

"NAMIBIA, BOTSWANA AND VICTORIA FALLS - Deserts and Deltas" (Worldwide Quest)

2012: October 13 - October 28

Unique wildlife and wonderful landscapes await you on this exciting safari. From the shifting sand dunes of Sossusvlei, through the coastal wetlands of Walvis Bay lagoons, north to Damaraland's and Etosha's BIG mammals, the varied wildlife of the Caprivi Strip, through Botswana's amazing Chobe Park, concluding with the awesome Victoria Falls. This is a wilderness spectacle, and a photographer's dream.

Cost: $ 7395 USF, (from Windhoec)