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White morph Gyrfalcon
Scarlet Macaws
Wandering Albatross
Northern Parula
Polar Bear
Plains Zebra
Lesser Flamingos
Humpback Whale
King Penguins
Black-throated Green Warbler
Ross's Gull
Sooty-capped Bush-Tanager
Snowy Owl

Tony Beck holds the prestigious title of NIKON AMBASSADOR. He is a freelance naturalist and photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where he operates his company, "Always An Adventure", with his talented wife, Nina Stavlund. His award winning work appears in many books, websites, magazines & calendars. He teaches Birdwatching and Nature Photography courses both independently and through a variety of institutions. An enthusiastic and skilled Naturalist-Tour-Guide, he regularly leads groups to exciting destinations all across North America, the Tropical Pacific, Africa, Neotropical America and Polar Regions. Customized Tours and Programs available on request.

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He exclusively uses NIKON products
for ALL his birding and photography activites

Galleries of Birds, Wildlife, Flora, Scenery and more

Galleries of Birds, Wildlife, Flora, Scenery and more

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